That which wins championships is leadership and vision. Leadership through teaching moments that bring out greatness in each and every player. Vision to recognize that greatness to begin with.

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There are few players in City Ice Pavillion sports that have these qualities. That can single handedly mesh a team, a family, together. Fortunately for O4J they have that player in Ben Mcbeth.
When you don’t see Ben watching the video tapes, studying post game feedback and player analysis, you’ll see him drawing up team lessons for the games to come. As a player, Ben is the guy to consistently block shots, make the right pass, backcheck against an oncoming rush.
Does he have the hardest shot? Not at all. Is he the best skater? Not even remotely. Does he make an impact in any statistic related category of any significance? No.
But what Ben does is far more important. Ben will block an incoming shot with less than a minute to play, and head over for a change to get fresh legs out. Ben will purposefully miss a penalty shot in order to teach the team a lesson. Ben will make the necessary decisions to put the best team on the ice.

Ben will make the necessary decisions to put the best team on the ice.

And at the end of the day, Ben is responsible for a team that is looking to bring it’s second championship home in three seasons – back into the leagues semi finals with a first round bye in the playoffs.
“Guys in the locker room respect him,” said team elder John. “I’ve been playing this game for 49 years now and I haven’t seen someone yet to unite a locker room and team players the way he does.”
When you have a leader like Ben, all you need is a brick wall in net and you have a shot to win the championship every season. Good thing O4J has both.
The Manhattan herald will continue covering O4J throughout the rest of this exciting season. Stay tuned in the coming days to hear of Ron’s hip status and finger condom remedy.